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Clarke Johnston
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I heard him the other night chatting up someone in the building, his mike was on. You'd think after all he's been through, that this is one mistake he'd not make again! I mean, seriously, Karel! I didn't hear his put downs on Pat, though I don't necessarily buy into the rule book about not dissing fellow talk shows hosts. A little controversy, carefully doled out, could even help the ratings and bring in listeners to enjoy the festivities. All within reason of course. Gene was always very diplomatic about this, managing to indicate that he did listen even during his off hours, and then politely disagreeing with Ronn or John or Gil about something. Gene did it right. But, hey Karel: Don't give them a chance to boot you out, unless that 's your real motive....(?)
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2012 on Karel to be fired again from KGO? at BlatherWatch
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Mar 10, 2010