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Yes, yes, and again, yes. For those of us with a relatively low Christology, and who attend a church where, for some of our members, Christ is a good man and teacher who has been used by religious people to create an exclusive society, the good news is that God just wants to be in relationship with us. Some came into relationship with God through Abraham and Moses, some through Jesus, some through Muhammad, Gandhi, the Pope, Mother Theresa, or Billy Graham. One of the questions the Board asked was, "Why Jesus?" For me, Christ is more than a good man and teacher. Christ is the conduit through which I travel to God, the gardener who has grafted me to the olive tree (Romans, always Romans). That is the good news of Jesus Christ. But the good news quickly becomes bad news when we say that our eternal, limitless, transcendent God can only be reached one way, and we just happen to posses the only map. Thanks for asking the hard questions. They are important!
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May 5, 2010
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May 5, 2010