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Claudia Beck
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Our nightly routine is to wait for Daddy to come home at the front window and watch him walk up the front steps. Then my son (8 months) is sad for a short while because he can't see him. We go over to the door and open it to find Daddy on the other side and he grins, makes his wheezy-happy noise (no idea where it came from but it's adorable!) and flaps his arms. After that, we have to follow Daddy to the bathroom and watch him in the mirror until, Joy, oh JOY! Daddy comes out and takes Arthur into his arms! Arthur makes his wheezy-happy noise again and looks at me SO proudly, as if to say, "Do you see?! Do you see who's got me, Mama?! It's my Daddy!! My DADDY's holding me!"
I've been in a grumbly about my wonderful husband mood lately. Can't figure it out. So I came on here to re-read your father's day post. It so completely describes him. Mood improving. Next one below that one was this one. Gosh it cracks me up...and completely describes what's up lately. I feel better. Sigh. Thanks for your starfish baby. And for all of these posts. They never fail to crack me up...and to describe my life.
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Nov 14, 2011