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Well, for any particular link. Usually. I mean, a commitment to thoroughness places certain demands upon one...
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2006 on POOR CHOICE OF WORDS at Dave Barry's Blog
See y'all later - have to go home and take care of Mrs. Hands. :-) Hmm... around here, that could be taken the wrong way, too.
Missed you lots -- things got sticky around here. That didn't come out sounding right.
That and a vapid stare. And an "accidental" exposure of some part of the anatomy not ordinarily seen in public.
Hmmm... I'm starting to think that maybe there is a church that most, if not all of the bloglits here could feel good about joining together to worship at. We already know what the altar looks like... ω Apparently, the sacraments include waterbeds and olive oil (has anyone else noticed how expensive good olive oil has suddenly gotten??). Now we just need a good name. The Church of Bazoombage? Maybe a little too forward. The Church of the Holy Twin Roes? Maybe a bit too obscure, especially for those whose Sunday School teachers skipped past Solomon (and with good reason!). I'm eager to worship...
Toggle Commented Aug 22, 2006 on HEY, MR. MONSTER-UNDER-THE-BED at Dave Barry's Blog
Good point, SQ -- though that's some sort of personal faith, and may involve an organized religion, as well.
Yes, I was thinking about a sarlac™ pit - sorry for the obscurity of the reference. :-)
Maybe a sarlac™, Gypsy?
Heh. Instead of a "dead pool," we could put together a "skank pool" -- how long before Paris finds True Love® and breaks her vow of "chastity?" Dibs on 34 days.
What self-respecting gator would go for that bait? Even in Florida, gator's gotta have some standards.
Anyhow, what on Earth could be sexier than an 8-month-pregnant gal? So long as it ain't Paris. *shudder*
*sittin' firmly on my hands* Even if she weren't, well, Paris, there's the fact that Mrs. Hands is just about to deliver my fourth daughter any day now, and I can't think of a quicker way to die than to express any form of interest in another woman when one's carrying your child. Just sayin'.
(This show of hands will correspond closely to those who have recently had their shots...)
Ah. I feel better. The urge to commit mayhem has passed. Now I can return to my regularly-scheduled music.
fivver, that was unkind in the extreme. You're making me want to make an exception. :-D Must go listen to some Rob Zombie now to clean out my ears.
This blog is inevitably going to attract folks who are mainstream Americans - which means that they're most likely to have some level of personal faith, and will also probably participate in organized religion. It's also likely to attract a somewhat outsized share of folks who do not participate in organized religion, either because of their faith, or their lack thereof. It's also, sadly, inevitable that these two groups will occasionally come to loggerheads, in spite of the humorous intent and content of this blog. For the love of humor - and each other!! - can we rise above it, and just enjoy the laughs together? Please? Thanks.
Right on, Betsi. Bravo. And, I quote: "Look, something shiny!" :-)
Chill out, RB. Man, someone's got their knickers in a twist today, hmmm? Let me guess: You were all excited, because Paris said she'd date you, but only for the next year. Oops, eh?
*urk* Well, good thing I hadn't eaten yet.
Shouldn't that be "journalist," LFBB, complete with the scare quotes?
Clearly, since these were inspired by a Biblical verse, they must be sanctioned by the Lord Himself.
Toggle Commented Aug 22, 2006 on HEY, MR. MONSTER-UNDER-THE-BED at Dave Barry's Blog
So, Wyo, does that mean that the First Nudist Church of Springfield is good to go? ;-)
Toggle Commented Aug 22, 2006 on HEY, MR. MONSTER-UNDER-THE-BED at Dave Barry's Blog
I'm scared. But FIRST, let's finish that Excessively Pedantic drink...
Toggle Commented Aug 22, 2006 on HEY, MR. MONSTER-UNDER-THE-BED at Dave Barry's Blog
I call Excessively Pedantic - everybody drink!
Toggle Commented Aug 22, 2006 on A PLETHORA OF ROCK BAND NAMES at Dave Barry's Blog
And, with three firsts in a row, I will retire from the field for a bit. Lots to do, not enough time to do it in. Love y'all!
Toggle Commented Aug 22, 2006 on YIKES at Dave Barry's Blog