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Zoriah I am so glad that you are doing this series. The collapse of the garment factory in dhaka was a horrific tragedy, almost as great in scope and casualties as the World Trade Center. The fact that so many U.S. companies were involved in outsourcing their work without investing in safe, humane and sanitary working conditions for the employees speaks volumes about the fact that we value commodities over human life in the U.S. We would rather have the fastest, most cheaply made, mass-produced product that we can sell quickly to the public, one that requires many hours of human work at slave wages in the worst conditions, than to invest in something that takes time, is well made and where those who make it are paid what they deserve for their labor. I have made a list of those companies that were in the factory at Dhaka for boycott. I am in a quandary because I know that people still need to work. But there must be change and improvements for the better. Any advice you can share is welcome. Thank you as always for the quotidien life that you show in your images ~ people's everyday struggles, their fears and hopes for change. It is deeply appreciated. Noelle
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Dec 13, 2010
You carry your friend's heart and her memory in your own. Your love for her allows her spirit to continue. It is a painful loss and her sadness must have been great. The tragedy of her choice is transformed by the beauty of your tribute to her and allows us to value her as well. Thank you for a profound reflection.
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I like the idea very much. I am not an artist but a poet. Still, I love images and words and I enjoy your blog. thank you for all the beauty you offer here. Noelle
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Jul 11, 2010