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That's a good innovation. There are times that when you store shoes in the closet, the smell stays and spreads all throughout the closet. Isn't it a drag when it happens? Anyway, I'll be looking for another place to store my tie racks as I find this nifty Japanese innovation. I guess this can solve my closet problems. It's a good thing that my tie rack has a good design and can be hung like a hanger for clothes. I can just put it in my cabinet for a while.
These wedding things remind me of mine. We just took a look at the pictures and the memorabilia we were able to keep last weekend. Ahh, the memories. There was one photo there with me and all of my college friends. Their ties match with my wedding tie. It was as if we were wearing uniforms. Man, that was a laugh! My wife helped me in finding that tie from that store that sells designer and wedding ties. Their ties look great! The wedding invitation we've had made was not really that extravagant. I wish I saw this blog way before so that I'll pattern the card designs after this. Your design is great, by the way!
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I'm interested in thesis number 13. Well, you could have at least made a simple review about how men would dress up there. I mean, not as detailed as your description of how women's fashion is there. Black tights with anything, huh? Do some of them wear skinny ties? You did say that they dress like dudes, so I guess they can think of ways to make a skinny tie fit their clothes.
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Ellen Page. I remember her as Shadow Cat/Kitty Pride from the X-Men movie. I haven't watched Juno yet. Maybe I'll try to watch it this weekend when I have the time. About the photographers' opinions on Ellen Page's characters, I guess you can't really avoid that line of thinking. That doesn't mean that those women donning boyish outfits are totally tomboy or something. If they want to wear those, let's say a skinny tie, along with a guy's business suit, a girl can't be conclusively called a tomboy. Some girls even wear those kinds of outfits better than real men. Try searching for women wearing skinny ties on Google. They look awesome, don't they?
That pink tie looks absolutely gorgeous! I got a couple of orange ties and scarves from my wife that looks exactly like those, except for the flowers, of course! I am very amazed how you guys are able to make something like those projects so fast.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2011 on Pink or … at Little Purl of the Orient
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I guess it's true. The best prints that we see are mostly used in making neckties. I have a green tie that has gotten so much praise since I first wore it to work a couple of months ago. It has a great combination of colors and different angles of lines that work really well together. But I think it's the color that they like the most because it is soothing to the eyes. That's why I tell my friends that they could never go wrong with green ties.
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I can't help but notice Eddie Murphy's cool getup. I'd certainly want to go to work in that kind of outfit. I have a bunch of good white ties here at home. I'll be doing a little mix-and-match on the weekend so that I won't have to worry about that every morning before I go to work. Are you wondering why I'd wear a white tie to work? That's because my long-sleeved polo shirts have dark colors. I think white suits them well.
Who would go on a segway to work on a rush hour? I'd only ride a segway in a park! Well, I don't know if others would do it, but I most certainly won't. Anyway, about having a car, you're right. Not having a car is a drag. They keep saying something about maintenance costs and all that, but if you're commuting, you have the fares to worry about. Let's say you're a train person. I know it's going to be quick to go to work that way, but what if you're wearing a suit and matching white tie? I'd ride a taxi instead, just so that I'll keep them neat. You see, I'm working in an office that requires us to wear ties every single day. It's a good thing that I have a lot of white ties to comply with that rule. I'm not the commuting type, but there are times that you really don't have a choice.
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My wife loves it when she dresses up our little guy with my brown ties. I guess it's one of her ways to direct our son to the same path that I'm trekking, so I'm totally cool with it. It's also their time to bond, and I get to join them sometimes, taking pictures and videos of my son and his favorite brown tie. Actually, it's their laughter that I treasure the most during those moments.
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Ballroom dancing, huh? I miss dancing. I remember me and my wife back then when we were in high school. That's where we first met: on the dance floor. I was wearing a cool silver tie. That was the first thing she noticed. We danced all night, talked with each other and stuff like that. Until now, I still have silver ties with me. They make us remember about our memories in high school. Speaking of ballroom dancing, you're right about it being an alternative for exercise. If belly dancing's there for women, why not have a dance exercise that men can do, too? I hope you'll be successful in that ballroom dancing thing! Good luck!
That's one amazing fashion show coming from only high school kids. My kids are gonna have a fashion show at their school too! I've been busy looking for mens' ties for the little tykes. I would love to give them novelty ties instead but they are apparently very meticulous for their young age! Hahaha.
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