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Thanks Lulu!
Awesome post Lulu. I love Dropbox too. Have Evernote downloaded but haven't started using it and use Any.Do for to-do lists. I'm always looking for ways to get more productive but my biggest time suck is web browsing. Couldn't find a great solution so decided to build one myself. Would love your thoughts on Skim.Me ( to make you our daily online routines more productive. Our add-on does all the setup, organization and management work for your favorite site and app sources so you can browse no-reply emails, weather, news, social media, ecommerce, finance and more without leaving our web app - all in timed batches throughout the day. As you browse we manage a “done” list for you that can be toggled to a “to-do” list for browsing that’s algorithmically curated. It’s a great user experience that shows you what you’ve accomplished and never how many unread you have. We're trying to help build browsing discipline for those of us who can't seem to resist the urge of constantly checking things. Anyone can email me at wu at skim dot me with any questions or feature requests. We'll be releasing the first version soon. Thanks for checking us out!
Hi Phil, Would love to be added to the list of alternatives though we are just beginning our journey. Before it shuts down, please give Skim.Me ( a try. I'm a founder and you can email me at wu at skim dot me with what you don't like about it. We make your daily online routine more productive and have been working on this for the past year. Your routine sources are automatically setup, personalized and managed for you. Browse content from your sources in timed batches throughout the day and see how much you've accomplished, never how many unread you have. Releasing summer 2012!
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Jul 19, 2012