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Trade Union Royal Commission Thesaurus: "Training fund" = Secret Commission "Service Fee" = Bribe You can read about Spermgate in the link above. You can read the transcript from the QANTAS lounge meeting in the above link.
The CFMEU will not mess with Mike Kane again Michelle, he will not cop a bar of it. He's an American who considered the behaviour racketeering, he was very impressive when he appeared before the Royal Commission into Trade Governance and Corruption last year.
Yes it is interesting pj how 1 judge can find this from the same set of documents a team at the Victorian Fraud Squad quashed for being unreliable as they were supplied by the Williamson camp. It should be noted that one of the charges against Williamson included document forgery. The Victorian Police are once again investigating the matter but have yet to lay a charge. Jackson was never ever going to be allowed to go quietly, once you turn on the tribe they will get you back whether it's real dirt or whether it's fabricated. Until there is criminal charges against Jackson I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, I do not trust anything that is put up before a judge in a civil matter that was supplied by the Williamson camp.
The article was fine Michael, it just said how much it was to have Hockey address a function etc, every politician does this - the information provided was factual and fair game. The headline however was loaded with spite and clearly misleading, the treasurer wasn't for sale at all, Joe Hockey cost to attend/address a function has nothing to do with The Treasury. or his position as it's Treasurer.
Meet up where? I thought poor George was house/bed bound. Does he seriously think NSW Police can just phone tap anyone they want without evidence? The empire is crumbling George, stop blaming others for your criminal ways.
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2015 on George Alex dropped us a note at Michael Smith News
George Alex has actually revealed his criminal ways this morning, he's just replaced himself with the likes of Westaway, Cohen etc on how it operated/operates.
George Alex telling Brian Parker he would be a good "earner" was very damaging, sounded like something straight out of The Sopranos.
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Jun 17, 2015