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Jardin Toit is amazing *^_^* Sweet and sour fragrances are really my thing (Petite Cherie and Mitsouko are other favourites of mine). I love Jean-Claude Ellena's recent work, I think he's a genius and these Jardin fragrances are the first to peak my interest in a while. I do wish people wouldn't give JC such a hard time, there are other lines out there for those who don't 'get' these fragrances. Like any niche, they cater to a specific audience instead of trying to please everyone through being inoffensive or having too many notes. Some of us really like these scents :) Wearing it now, I think of green gummy bears, green roses and juicy sour pears. Despite the 'gummy bear' association, it also feels very natural to me. Not a bit artificial. It's amazing how pears and roses really bring each other out with their similarities, I heard somewhere that Annick Goutal created CSoJ on that premise.
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Jan 6, 2012