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Lately I have been wearing the crap out of an old pair of midrise Old Navy jeans in dark wash, although I think they're more boot cut than straight leg. They're slim enough to not look voluminous, but stretchy enough to be completely comfortable. Haven't gone the cuffed route yet, but I might give it a try. I have one pair of colored denim so far, in a turquoise. They're super versatile since that color will go with anything. I haven't worn them as much this winter, though. Maybe I subconsciously think they're for spring? :) And I just picked up a pair of red cropped patterned jeans from LOFT on sale. Between the color and the pattern and the ankle length, though, they feel more like skimmer pants than denim, you know?
In a case of total fashion karma, the day after I read this, I found a lace top almost exactly like yours at Banana Republic for $20. Twenty. Dollars. You *know* I bought it. (Wearing it today, in fact. With a turtleneck, obvs!)
I love this. Now I have a new thing to hunt for at the thrift store.
The great thing about denim these days is that anything goes. Literally. Boot cut, wide leg, boyfriend, skinnies, ankle length, you name it. Get thee to a Gap (or similar denim temple) and try everything on until you find something else you like. :)
Ha! Totally agree with the Buns of Steel rule (and Thighs of Steel, too, for that matter). If your top isn't long enough but you still want that streamlined look, then switch to skinny jeans. (That's my $.02 anyway.)
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Re: #5 -- Stacey London says there are only two reasons to buy (or own) a garment: utility and joy. If it makes you cry tears as well, so much the better :)
Apparently if you buy pajamas from Victoria's Secret, you must roll up the sleeves *and* unbutton all buttons save one. (Why must flannel PJs be so expensive? $100 for a set? I can get a flannel shirt for $20-25 so why is a set so much more? Sigh.)
I want so much to have some black jeans, but every blessed pair I buy is inevitably a lint magnet and winds up looking unkempt. Any suggestions?
We love Baltimore for family stuff, too. We live in the DC area so it's a nice day trip. The aquarium's great, of course, but we also love Port Discovery (making a trip there this weekend, in fact) and the Maryland Science Center. Friends say the B&O Railroad Museum is cool, too. And props to shopping your closet: "reuse/rewear" is my theme for blog posts all this week!
First, a hearty amen to wearing leopard print as a hot mama. It's never not appropriate. As for pooch-friendly dresses, I find fit 'n' flare styles (think '50s shirtwaist dresses) universally flattering. They're fitted in the narrowest part of your body, then fall away at the hips. Plus, the swingy skirt! Fun!
I really wanted to do the coated denim trend as it seems way more practical than actual leather pants, but then I tried on a pair at Madewell and they were sooo stiff and uncomfortable. Are they all like that? Yours look more ... bend-y.
That sounds a lot like my experience when I "met" Stacy London a couple of weeks ago at *her* book signing! They moved that line pretty quickly, though, so there wasn't much chit-chatting. My only goal was to pass whatever silent fashion evaluation I was sure she was making of me :)
I don't know what's more fun--new phone or new case! I've been pinning my faves (some of which you picked, too) to a Pinterest board: Will totally have to add some of these as well.
Gah! Auto-linking failed me. The blazer pin is here:
I love this question! I just bought a navy/white striped knit blazer, too. (Got mine at Charlotte Russe. For realsies. See? For its first outing I paired it with a J Crew blue-and-white striped tee underneath. Pattern mixing for the faint of heart :) Next time I want to try it with leopard because Ally of Wardrobe Oxygen has convinced me that you can mix leopard print with *anything.* (Behold:
Thanks for the link to the Redbook article. I'll really have to try that. I have diastasis recti (from pushing too hard during labor!) and it's always bothered me more than the pooch. I thought I was stuck with it, so I hope this works.
Great tips on shape and length for various cropped pants. I have everything from short shorts to ankle-length skinnies, so I love a varied length. However, I'm pretty sure some of my capris hit in that Danger Zone, so I should probably give them another look--assuming I plan to wear them anywhere other than the boardwalk on vacation!
I am all about a one-piece or a tankini, and I have been even before I had a kid. And one does not need to rock a bikini to be a Hot Mama. (I wrote something similar last year: Bluefly's a good place to look for stylish one-pieces. I found a one-shoulder Marc by Marc Jacobs there last summer.
Those low-profile Converse are adorb! I just ordered them in red from Zappos. Puma make a lot of cute lifestyle sneakers, too.
Hats, hats, hats! Target is such a great source, especially when they collaborate with designers. I have some fantastic chapeaux from the Eugenia Kim capsule collection a couple of years ago and Albertus Swanepoel last fall. I never fail to get compliments and none was more than $20!
One of my best friends gave me a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag at my shower and it was fantastic. They have beautiful styles in fabrics reminiscent of chinoiserie. Here:
I like the idea of sweater + shorts in concept, but in reality it seems like if it's cold enough for a sweater, it's too cold for shorts and vice versa. Apparently I have very sensitive body temperature regulation needs! I like the turquoise shorts, but if you have to talk yourself into wearing them, you'll never feel 100% cute when they're on. (My $.02 anyway!)
In your search for a church home, I invite you to check out the United Church of Christ ( We say that our faith is 2,000 years old, but our thinking is not. As it says on the New to the UCC page (, the UCC was the first denomination to ordain an African-American pastor (1785), a woman (1853), an openly gay person (1972) and the first to affirm same-gender marriage equality (2005). Good luck with your journey.
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I cannot agree hard enough with the idea of coming over and doing small household tasks for the new mother (whether it's her first or her 5th). Don't get me wrong, I loved the meals brought over, too--but 2 months into breast-feeding I really just wanted someone to tidy up for me! Crunchy Con Mom's haircut suggestion is genius, too. I didn't get my hair cut post-partum until my mom was available to come with me.
Yay, BiblioMOMia! Also, I totally have that Old Navy sequined striped tee in a Polyvore set, too ... :)
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