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Interests: Addicted to the internet (weblogs, news, emails), gardening, reading, pets (cats and a Saint-Bernard), lgbt politics, offbeat and foreign movies, cartooning, illustration, edible weeds, collecting clutter.
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Mar 15, 2010
Did you ever find this game? Several of us online chinese-learning blogging moms want to know! :D
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2010 on Chinese Scrabble at Shanghai Sigrid
You've hit the nail on the head... it is all about matching desirable children with desirable adults and not what is the best for anyone. That is why there are so many American lbgt foster parents raising black inner city sibling groups who have challenges (ie disabilities, learning etc)... strangely these parents are not good enough to adopt any child but are good enough to raise day to day the most challenging of them in multiples. Strange eh? And yes, I am a single mom who adopted from china.. in SN. Frankly the rules for marriage etc in China are just as bizarre. One of my fellow single adoptive moms who was logged in several years ago with me just came back from China today with her new son... and during the wait she got married. She went to China with her husband (they have been married about a year) and she was totally afraid that they would find out that she was no longer single: she applied and was accepted as a single woman, and that was ok, but now the rules are you have to be married for three years (five years if one parent has had a previous divorce)... so I think they took separate hotel rooms, didn't introduce eachother as husband and wife, and were asking around if they should perhaps go through immigration separately or not. Yes, that is right... they were afraid not to get their child because now.. he has TWO MARRIED PARENTS instead of one single mom. Crazy but absolutely true as of this week. Sigh. So yes, you have it right. The most challenging kids go to the supposedly least capable parents, and the "perfect" healthy children go to the "perfect" married wealthy christian straight couples. Perfectly I am very glad that my son wasn't "desirable": other married couples are still waiting to be matched with their healthy young as possible chinese daughter, and I have been home with my (wonderful, smart, healthy) Special Needs son for 2.5 years now despite being logged in six months after them. ps, I really like your blog, what I have read so far.
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Mar 5, 2010