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And there are those who totally disagree with your shill. The fact that Netflix agreed to pay Comcast suggests that Cogent will likely lose its fight with Verizon as well. And as Cogent's chief executive Dave Schaeffer told Ars, "once you pay it's like blackmail, they've got you, there's nowhere else to go. They'll just keep raising the price in a market where prices [for transit] are falling." Indeed, in the long run, this development threatens the survival of independent backbone companies like Cogent. If it becomes industry practice for backbone providers to pay residential ISPs, companies like Cogent will become mere resellers of access to the networks of large broadband companies. Or they may be cut out of the loop altogether, as large customers such as Netflix cut deals directly with broadband providers such as Comcast. Cutting out the middleman might make the Internet more efficient, but it will also make it less competitive. Cogent has many competitors. Verizon's FiOS service does not. If companies like Cogent are squeezed out of business, it will make these already powerful network owners even more powerful.
There is a terribly funny show from the UK that aired in the U.S. in the seventies. It's available over there in a DVD boxed set. I could buy it, but the fact that it's not only Region 2, it's also PAL makes it problematic. The name of the show was Doctor in the House, and there were several sequels of a sort with the name changing slightly (Doctor in Charge, Doctor at Sea, Doctor on the Go et.) The original series starred Barry Evans, Robin Nedwell, Geoffrey Davis, and George Layton. Bringing it to Netflix would make it new material for most people in the U.S. and it would probably find a new audience. Of course, if they would release that box set called Doctor in the Box here in the U.S. I wouldn't even be asking.
Well, I know I'm grateful for the discs. I've spent a fortune on my own library. Everybody says it's all going to be digital. Maybe so. But what I see on the horizon is no better than what we currently have. A boatload of fragmented services with each having their own limited exclusive content. This is what happened to pay cable the very first time HBO signed it's first exclusive deal many years ago, thus shutting out Showtime from some major releases. Before that, they both had access to all films. Soon, Showtime followed suit and signed a few major studios up to exclusivity. The contracts may change but it has pretty much stayed the same. But the war was on. And so we end up with the likes of HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, TMC, Stars, and now Epix. If you think streaming can avoid this trap, well it's obvious that you're not paying attention. So for me, discs are the only thing that gives me the content that I want when I want.
The notes don't work too good. I received two discs over the past few months with notes attached to them. In one of them the disc was completely broken. The other note said it was the wrong disc in the wrong envelop. Which it was but it didn't do me a lot of good. Notes are okay I guess but if you don't report it on the web site it's pointless." Ditto on the damaged discs. Lots of TV series incomplete even though I know they are still available. Time Tunnel Vol 1 is missing discs the first two discs in the series. Of course, the most important episode, the pilot Rendezvous with Yesterday, which sets up the premise is on one of those. I had the Burke's Law Volume One Disc One on Very Long Wait forever. I had to put it in back of the other discs because as long as it was the first on the list Netflix wouldn't send the rest. Family Affair Season 5 is now completely gone. These are just a few. There are many discs missing from many series And I see just today Amazon has signed another contract with PBS.
"So yes, technology is advancing but humans are not." You're certainly proof of that. I guess we should congratulate you for being so stubborn and sticking to the old school ways. But if I recall, there were those who congratulated Harry Randall Truman for being stubborn and adhering to the old ways. Didn't work out too well for him though.
@Peter. Then you are not buying directly Amazon and generally buying from one of some of ther outside sellers. I've never paid for shipping on any product sold directly by Amazon in four years. Never. Not for anything regardless of size, item, or weight. And, on the two occasions I had to return items, I didn't have to do so much as pay return postage. I've never met any brick and mortar retailer that easy to do business with. And this: "I guess they think we're getting too much for our money. I wonder how many people will be blind by 40 watching a film on a Kindle? I did it once and it's collecting dust." That's just idiotic. You might as well throw all Ipods, Ipads, Iphones, or Smart Phones and all pads in general into the trash. Many people use this when their on the go and away from home. The Kindle has kept me entertained many times when sitting in waiting rooms or in lines or even waiting for my girlfriend while she's getting her hair done. Right, you love Netflix. But coming up with silly ways to crap on every other surface just makes you appear like a...could it be...a fanboy.
As for Safe Haven, while it was released for sale yesterday, it does not arrive in Redbox until June 7th. That means it's one of their four week wait movies. As of yet, I can't think of any new release that Netflix has gotten before Redbox unless Redbox just wasn't going to carry it anyway. This is a Fox release, and Fox releases are on a 28 day delay with Netflix. Or at least that's what Mr. Googly tells me.
Everybody's talking about losing movies on streaming all the time, let's not ignore the fact that discs are dropping out like flies as well. Most aren't being replaced, whether they can be or not. Right now I have 25 movies and TV series that have dropped into my "saved" section. I have several more on "very long wait" that you might as well figure are just biding time until they drop into the saved section. (I have well over 50 discs on some kind of wait). Want to watch a TV series on disc but not streaming? Good luck with that. Complete seasons are mission on many, others have discs in the middle of seasons missing. I don't know what the Netflix plan is but it's just not looking good no matter what kind of customer you are.
Here, chew on this: Arrested Development only getting one season
I read some of these comments, and I have absolutely no hope for the human race. It's a very telling story. And I don't even have to tell you which ones, do I? It's always about me, me, me, me,...........
I had John Carter in my queue but got it from Redbox instead. I also got Journey 2: Mysterious Island which is a Warner/New Line Film and won't be at Netflix for two months. I think Netflix was wrong to cave into Warner on the 56 delay no matter what kind of discount they got. I think the reason Netflix wouldn't make the Disney deal is because Disney offered no discount for the 28 day delay and was going to charge the same as always. Or that's what I read, somewhere.
Don't know how much they paid for Atlas shrugged, or how it fits into the distribution deal. Whatever they paid though, it was too damn much.
J. Edgar has been available to rent from Redbox since early February. Just sayin'.
Harold and Kumar has been in the Redbox for a month. Just saying.
What's the problem here? You act like The Consumerist wants to go out and beat Reed Hastings . The Quacster never happened because Hastings found out he laid a big duck egg. It was a very bad decision, no matter how much you want to rationalize it. No matter how you keep trying to whitewash it. They were horrible business decisions that Netflix still hasn't fully recovered from anyway you slice it or dice it. And I'm sure now agrees they were crap. You fan boys sure get in an uproar every time someone offers up the teensiest bit of criticism of whatever your "thing" of the moment is on any particular day. You act like people are going to go to your house and crap in your Cheerios or something.
It wasn't just the price increase, it was the whole Quackster debacle (as I like to call it), the price increase without warning consumers, the unreliable streaming library, and the fact that they managed to alienate 800,000 customers all in one quarter. So it was a bad year. You will be happy to note that Charter has moved into the second round having defeated Century Link (Qwest). And I correct myself that Game Stop won that round. You can still vote, but that's a pretty hefty lead by Game Stop and doubtful that they could possibly lose. Other results from previous years: 2007 – Winner: RIAA 2007 – Runner Up: Halliburton Other Finalists: Wal-mart, Exxon, Sonny 2008 – Winner: Countrywide Financial, 2008 – Runner Up: Comcast Other Finalists: Diebold, Wal-mart 2009 – Winner: AIG 2009 – Runner Up: Comcast Other Finalists: Bank of America Ticketmaster 2010 – Winner: Comcast 2010 – Runner Up: Cash For Gold Other Finalists: Bank of America, Ticketmaster 2011 – Winner: BP 2011 – Runner Up: Bank of America Other Finalists: Comcast, Ticketmaster
The contest is based on things that happened in the past year. And some of the brackets are filled with companies suggested by readers. No matter how you feel about Netflix, it did not exactly have a banner year. Anyway, they were soundly beaten by Gamestop which I fully expected. Of course S, that's a matter of opinion. I find The Consumerist to be highly entertaining and very informative as do millions of others. But whatever floats your boat.
The dittoheads come marching in. And try to pretend they aren't. Saw this same phenomenon on Amazon today in regards to a book that Rush said about the author, Tracie McMillan "What is it with all of these young single white women, overeducated - doesn't mean intelligent. For example, Tracie McMillan, the author of this book, seems to be just out of college and already she has been showered with awards, including the 2006 James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism. Social justice journalism. This woman who wrote the book on food inequality, food justice, got an award for social justice journalism." Of course, the dittoheads, unable to think for themselves and like rush having a problem with any woman who gets past grade school, rushed to Amazon (or maybe they just outright hate women altogether), posted some one star reviews, and never read the book. Stay classy dittoheads. Now, since all you dittoheads have no problem with Rush, can I go around the internet and post nasty things about YOUR daughters?
Alan E: I think we understand the words slut and prostitute quite well. Funny, how some of you still don't even know that Sandra Fluke's testimony was in regards to a friend of her's developing Ovarian cysts because she couldn't afford her prescription. The friend had to have an ovary removed. So in your mind, this equates her with being a slut? This idiotic notion that you are simply supporting contraception is stupid. The fact that overall, paying for birth control pills will reduce health care costs never occurred to you did it. I was against the Iraq war, but I had to help pay for it. Many so called red states collect more in government funds than they pay out. They are the ultimate welfare states. My taxes go to subsidize their asinine backwoods thought processes because in the state I live in, and in many blue states, we pay out way more in taxes to support jokers like you than we get back. And there's a lot of things our government spends money on that I don't agree with, but we have to pay just the same. The only shameful idiocy on here is yours. Get a clue.
Ben: Here we go again with that same old silly "you don't have to listen" nonsense. When you are broadcasting over the public airwaves, and when you have sponsors who pay for that programming, you are not free to say whatever you want. You have a certan amount of responsibility and there are limits. This isn’t cable TV you know. People have every right to protest when someone broadcasts such ugly hate towards women over the public airwaves. Frankly, if I owned a company and I had a daughter in college and Limbaugh had said what he did, why in the heck would I want to sponsor him? That's the same as giving tacit approval to everything he said. And someone like Hastings, who has two teenage children of his own, would he want them to be the subject of such misogyny? Or, would he want his sons to think things like this are okay? I think not.
I'm certainly with you LogrusZed. They can exclude certain programs or certain hours where they don't want their ads to air.
"I wish they'd bring back Leave It To Beaver" @Paul They did. And one season of Lassie if it floats your boat.
Okay, Mr. Rasulo. So why not license some of those wonderful old World of Disney shows you have in your vault and apparently aren't going to ever release on DVD or bother with broadcasting on your own cable show? There's a whole bunch of gems in there just collecting dust. Or maybe turning into dust. Also, I'm still mad about the crappy VHS quality pan and scan version you did of Natty Gann and some of your other catalog titles. Why not get some use out of these and perhaps find a whole new audience, that is if you actually mean what you're saying.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that one Warner Title was available in Redbox on it's release week A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, and they have J. Edgar this week. Look for these titles on Netflix in about two months, if anyone still cares by then.
According to Instant Watch, 1385 streaming titles will expire between now and the end of march. I just removed 40 from my list that will expire in the next couple of days. These cannot all be Starz titles. I'm pretty sure I had no more than two or three of those in my list because I generally steered clear from those. Looking at the above streaming list you posted, Netflix will have to do better than that.