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"I don't mind waiting 28 days for Blu-ray discs. What bothers me is the number of new releases that Netflix has decided never to get." And that pretty much sums it up for me. Waiting the 28 days isn't the problem, but each week the new DVD releases are dwindling down to almost nothing. And I do like the streaming, but I just think there's way too much missing to begin depleting your DVD offerings as much as Netflix is doing at this stage of the game. It's certainly making me have second thoughts about Netflix, especially since they've quit acquiring Shout Factory releases altogether and are not replacing those series that are no longer available due to missing discs.
"Also Fox News is using their second tier anchors" I was under the impression that all Fox anchors were no better than second tier, and most not even that good. But comedy is comedy, wherever you find it.
I'm of the opinion that a good percentage of the population of this country quit using a lot of their brain power a long time ago. But I wouldn't say technology is the culprit. That's just my opinion and I have no data to back it up, although I could cite a few hundred examples if I needed to. But I don't think I do.
The Sure Thing and Christmas Vacation. Both on DVD's that I own. I bought CV in its original DVD release which was in pan and scan only. I thought about upgrading when it was released in widescreen but never did. Now that it's in blu-ray, I'll probably get it in that format. Have never worked up the courage to watch Christmas Vacation 2. I see no need to torture myself around the holidays.
Hulu plus has a ways to go. But after now experiencing both paid Hulu and Netflix I'm firmly in the corner of you can't have it both ways. You want to charge for your service? Fine, trash the commercials and increase your content to make it worth the money. Paying to watch less on my TV and with commercials just doesn't add up. Want to give it away free? Fine, then you can keep the commercials and I won't object.
When streaming season two of Buffy the Vampire Slayer through my Sony Blu-ray, you are able to get episode descriptions. The description for Seaoson 2 Episode 11, Ted, is actually the description for the first episode of Season Two which was confusing the first time through. They are both written differently, but there is no doubt about the mistake. And it's been that way ever since I bought the blu-ray player about five months ago. But as far as episodes out of order, haven't run across that yet, and haven't checked my Roku in the bedroom to see if its the same way. (no can do at the moment as the girlfriend is streaming McLeod's Daughters.) I guess this is no big deal, but it just seems a bit sloppy. Haven't ran across an episode out of order as of yet. So that's all I've got.
The web address to use that link is It says at the top of the page try hulu plus for free.
"I enjoyed my Roku box when I had it. Got buggy for awhile during the addition of HD content but they solved that problem relatively quickly. Now I have a Sony BluRay player which is how I stream NF. The HuluPlus feature on the Sony is live now, but I haven't decided if it's worth getting yet. " I know this thread is several days old now but I'll give it a shot. I too have a Blu-ray player where HuluPlus went live. However, when I clicked on the icon, there was a code for two free months and a link where to use it on Sony's web site. So you might check it out. I purchased the player just this year and it's Model BDP-S570. So if you own a Sony Blu-ray or Bravia, watch for it.
I'm beginning to think that Netflix is no longer going to carry as many Shout Factory releases. And no, I'm not talking about their Movies on Demand known as Shout Select that they burn on request. Larry Sanders Season 2, Mad About You Season Four, The Patty Duke Show Season 3, All in the Family Season 7, The Facts of Life Season 5, Father Knows Best Season Four (unfortunately season 5 is a select title), Marcus Welby Season Two etc. I always liked being able to catch some of these classic shows but I guess I won't now even though it's one of the reasons I joined Netflix in the first place. Making matters worse is the fact that they no longer seem to be replacing series seasons that come up no longer available regardless of availability. I wanted to see Paper Chase but the first season is no longer there after only a year so no sense in getting Season 2. Ironside season 2 has bit the dust as well for example.
It could be better. I'm finding more and more streaming TV shows I wouldn't mind seeing, but then find out there are many episodes that are "disc only." Therefore, I have to rent the disc anyway which kind of negates the streaming. One example of this would be Quantum Leap. If I want to watch a series, I want to watch the whole series without being suddenly being stopped in my tracks. Still frustrated that I was only able to stream two seasons of Dexter, and now can't rent Season Three because the second disc has been in eternal long wait and it appears that it will be locked in limbo forever until Netflix puts up its no longer available notice which seems to be happening to a lot of series. So the series streaming really needs work and is often nothing more than an exercise in futility.
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Oct 8, 2010