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Hey ! Move Insilico or copy it, and place it over on 'Space', like some other SL properties are doing.
I think this platform has legs, particularly if SL gets closed down. OpenSim enthusiasts...I'm sorry, but your not the future for SL is too fractured to Moses vs. Avination programming...competing single denomination of monetization...monetization types vs. keep-it-free types...and so on. For those who simply like "free is good"...OpenSim wins...for those who like the the slickness of the SL Experience...Space has a better chance of winning that group, in my opinion.
BTW, this is also the reason that there will be limits placed on AI and robotization, in my opinion. Not to mention the cheapness of material needed for our brains versus ever more complex structures needed to simulate it.
I don't think it is possible for one reason: species survival. Even when and if we ever get simulation down well enough to make it indistinguishable from reality, we, or any species, for that matter, will act in it's own best interest to survive and place measures into place to keep such a thing from endangering us and it won't be reasonable to our brains that a life that isn't in touch with reality is a life that will preserve us from all unknowns.
So we should have PSA's saying to not be active for at least 2 hours after using a HMD ? lol
Actually, when I saw how Han Solo was killed so unceremoniously, my first thought was that someone from The Walking Dead must have written it.
The main objective of a CEO is to increase revenue, not decrease it, or keep it the same, so this is a lateral move made to look like it is a discount. It is similar to the idea of revenue for Project Sansar wherein you actually pay more, with more numerous smaller payments, so that it looks like a good deal. Someone in accounting has already figured out the numbers and shown that it should increase the overall revenue in their model. I predicted at the beginning of the Project Sansar discussion that at some point the two platforms would cross paths on the revenue viability graph and that because LL had thrown their lot into Project Sansar that Second Life would eventually no longer be viable to keep spending their money on and would therefore die. That prediction still holds true, but my guess is that it is dying too quickly and this is one of many to come slow-down moves, so that they can make it to their projected break-even point with Project Sansar (before the company runs out of investment capital and would then wind up out of business completely due to having one product dead and another yet to achieve a break-even and hopefully escalating curve in revenue to lure prospective invesment).
My opinion on VR headsets is that it will take time for it to become commonplace, but it will become commonplace to have it. It won't take off nearly as fast as it's being hyped but in time it will be used for far more than gaming. One use that I can see happening is in the distribution of first-run movies, probably indies and low-profile major distribution company releases at first, but in time it could further threaten the movie theatre industry, as the distribution companies see it as a way to cut out the middleman and still get their money per view. In time, movies will actually be shot with being on the headset experience first and use the built-in 3D capabilities it affords.
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Mar 27, 2014