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Christopher Miles
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Pardon if this has ben answered elsewhere- Anyone have an idea of how much the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tires save? Cost/Benefit? We have a 1.4l cruze gas engine which does quite well on the highway. I don't want to lose the actual donut tire (The eco uses fix a flat) and I can't change the aero obviously - But I CAN change the tires from the OEM Firestones if it would be worth it. Do they last as long, etc Thanks
@Ai-Vin Funny- when I read this article, my thought went immediately to "why aren't they just capturing the tire heat?" Not only would that recoup the losses generated by friction, but one would also capture the heat energy imparted to the black roads by the sun. As for capturing electricity from the friction- I would suggest that unlike some other cockamamie ideas: "put a windmill on the top of your car to capture high speed wind as you drive!" This one may have some (slight) promise- Unless I'm missing something, no thermodynamics laws appear to have been broken here- As long as this process doesn't increase friction, then it's simply capturing what would otherwise be lost (similar to regenerative braking)
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Jul 5, 2015