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Chris Casey
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Glad to hear you're managing it now. I had a very similar experience a couple years ago when I learned my C4 & 5 are burst, and two others are bulging. I learned after a long day in the Emergency saying '8', and '9', when they at last administered a morphine IV and I felt no change an hour later, that it just doesn't work for everyone (serious letdown that was). Pain is now managed with regular doses of Naproxen, with the alternative being surgery which I'll gladly put off as long as the pills allow. To my happy surprise, my Dr. did not advise that I stop running or any other activity. My four marathons and recent hiking have all come after learning about my disc issues.
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Mar 15, 2010
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Jan 7, 2010
A nice thought, but it choked on my address :-(
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Ouch! I feel your pain (or your scrunch). My personal flying curse is to always have a seat-kicking kid sitting right behind me. I swear there is a squad of seat-kickers that follow me around every time I fly, just to be sure I don't miss the joy of their passing the flight by tapping out time on my butt with their kicks.
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