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Chris Craft
South Carolina
I am a Spanish teacher that loves techno stuff!
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Just wondering, since there is a period after not, should the a in and be capitalized? Or is that for effect? Just curious. Chris
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Thank you for this. I have been recently thinking much about storytelling as a bit of an art form. I also think storytellers are made, not born. There are certain skills to learn in proper storytelling, as you mention. I have been working on this both in my presentations as well as with my sixth grade and undergraduate students. Thanks for the reminder.. Chris Craft
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Lucy, Your Google Earth Meme project has inspired me to try out an idea with my students. I can't give them those two questions, for fear they would all mention a current teacher, so I devised a series of placemarks that I am going to ask them to find. You can read my idea on my blog at I was wondering if you'd tell me what you think? Thanks for the inspiration! Yours, Chris Craft PS...I hope you liked my kmz file that I sent you!
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2007 on I'm Starting My Own Meme! at High Techpectations
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