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That's so awesome! Now I've got to go update
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Love, exciting and new. Climb aboard, we're expecting you...
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Finally got the pics of you selecting your Dragon Chow dice bag! Check them out at Glad you had fun at #GenCon. Lyndsay is so excited that you got one of her dice bags (too bad the Batman on wasn't there). We are now starting a Mission of bringing Wootstock to the East Coast. Maybe our nation's capitol? See you there!
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Re-think? Are you insane? The only people who could possibly make the Rivendell Resort we've always dreamed of is Disney. Our new code for vacations will be "We're going to see the elves..."
Since you've had to institute the no touching rule (I don't blame you either) I had to brag on my blog about the fact that I *have* touched you before. :)
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Concerned about your dice load we are on a mission to get you a Dragon Chow dice bag at GenCon. In other news, your intro made me cry. At work. Thankfully my workplace is geek friendly. Well, or at least geek tolerant.
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Oh sure, you name this one Carley and we don't even get to MEET Carley. This is the biggest tease yet. Must. Read. Book.
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Apr 22, 2010
This is awesome! I'm looking forward to reading more. How will you decide which will be the first character to post? Mine would totally fight over it like a bunch of rowdy siblings. :)
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Dec 28, 2009