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Same problems as everyone else here (no Roku, PC or iPad) and the website said the login information was wrong. I could login only after resetting my password.
There are message board conversations about this issue on Roku's website as well as AT&T. Most people report it's only an issue with their Roku box but not always. I've had this same issue since December or so. It's been tolerable but still a nuisance and if I cared about HD it would be unacceptable. I too have AT&T DSL 3Mbs.
Absolutely love this idea. I know this sounds crazy in this day and age but I don't have a single HD tv in my house so there is no reason I need an HD stream of any show. It would be nice to restrict what gets served up from Netflix
AT&T DSL in Ohio on a Roku and streaming is dialing down to 2 dots out of 4 on almost everything. Has been happening this way for the past several days.
Epix has NOT been worth it. Period.
Meh. I was really impressed with the amount of stuff I wanted to watch when I first got my Roku box but the new stuff they have been adding lately has been mediocre at best. A LOT of National Geographic and History Channel stuff which is ok if that's your thing... It's just not mine. I also keep an eye on the "New to Watch Instantly" RSS feed and they have had a million and one 50's and 60's movies added the past couple of weeks none of which I have ever heard of.
Absolutely not. I don't have cable or satellite because I'm against paying for the "privilege" to watch commercial interrupted programming. If I didn't have Netflix streaming on the Roku I'd just go back to watching the TV episodes on DVD. Hulu Plus is not priced very competitively either. $10 a month for streaming of shows that are already available on free TV? Uhh... pass.
I wish there was the ability for MORE queues, not less. I have two Roku boxes on two different TVs. We have 4 people in our house all with different shows in the queue. There are TV shows or movies in the queue that I don't want my kids to watch or access so having their shows in one queue and my wife and my shows in another queue would make it much easier to monitor. Of course that being said the Netflix channel on Roku would need a slight modification to allow which queue to show on the TV (kind of like how they implemented disabling searching in the settings)
Definitely the Godfather movies (at least the first 2... don't waste your time on the 3rd). I am stoked about the new TV series too.
It's a Roku competitor that's for sure.
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May 21, 2010