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Great post, Kate! The videos have certainly taken the online world by storm. Here's a great piece from ReadWriteWeb on what went into the process of making 87 videos in 11 hours: The insight into how the videos are made makes the lessons even clearer: - This kind of campaign requires a true collaborative effort. - Responding in real-time is impossible without a tremendous amount of trust between the company and the marketing agency. - Be willing to make fun of yourself. Many of the videos play up critical comments and successfully disarm the negativity with self-deprecating humor. That the campaign has been wildly successful in going viral is clear. However, I still wonder, have Alyssa Milano, Guy Kawasaki and Jsbeals (and their respective followers) been converted to Old Spice for life?
Good post, Kyla. Here's another article with more good tips on videos:
Very insightful post, Jim. I especially like the quote from Mike Troiano. It reminds me a lot of a post I read last month by Dell's VP of social media and community. Manish Mehta wrote, "Today's corporate leaders are struggling to figure out how to use social media to further their business strategy. At Dell, we believe this is backwards thinking. Social media isn't a means to further a corporation's strategy, it's a means to help determine it." This is coming from a leader at a company that traces $7 million in revenue to social media. It's good advice.
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Jan 8, 2010