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Interests: Using social media to help build and extend communities of interest, history and international politics, cultures, travel, literature, philosophy, spirituality, music.
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Excellent review, Zane. Thank you. Finally there is a book on engagement we can recommend to senior executives and know they won't get bored or bewildered before they reach the end. I was a little wary about buying it, as I had found with an earlier book of hers, Open Leadership, that while it spoke to me I found it heavier going than this one and accordingly I was hesitant about recommending it to busy clients. No such worries here. With The Engaged Leader, a bonus for me in Australia is that she uses a couple of CEOs of bigger public companies as case studies, David Thodey, boss of our biggest and formerly most traditional telco, Telstra and the boss of one our biggest banks, ANZ. A bonus on the bonus is that the latter guy, Mike Smith, was originally a social media skeptic and is now an advocate. So the not infrequent "Oh, that's ok for the USA...." excuse won't fly on this one! :) And yes, the charts and action steps are invaluable.