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Hi Chris, Here is one of my stories, from Reyne Rice Twitter@ToyTrendExpert, When my sisters, best friends and I wanted to create a new house from big boxes, we went to the local hardware store and found big, empty cardboard boxes. Then we put them over our heads and walked home like covered box robots. We couldn’t see where we were going, except to watch the sidewalk below us. As we walked home, covered in our robotic –like large cardboard boxes, we chattered away to each other in made-up languages, giggling all the way, punctuated by ooopps, was that you, as we bumped into posts and trees. Thinking back, I imagine the neighbors must have had a good laugh, too, watching cardboard boxes with legs, chatting away in gibberish, bumping into each other…Then when we got home, we created the best space ships, tiki houses and other environments, where we played for hours with our friends, and other siblings…Until our next adventure…
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Mar 21, 2011