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Don Evans
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There are two shocks from this article. 1) A nine year old working in a garment factory. 2) Where is Hudson’s Bay, Wal-Mart and Target?
I am a Canadian in California! Tatooing is popular in California. My daughter’s boy friend is in college and has tattoos. He seems to be a mice fellow even though I do not like the tattoos. Those in prison most likely have some tattoos most of us would find offensive. California’s prison population is too high for a number of reasons. First there is the 3 strikes law that puts three time felons in prison for an extended period. I agree with this law. Second we have very tough laws on the use of marijuana and other drugs. I do not agree with the second law.
Even Californians are excited. A San Fernando Valley pub, with large screen televisions, will be open all night to watch the festivities.
Americans are frightened by the news media reports. The Muslim religion has earned a reputation for brutality. The beheadings, beatings, and other acts of torture and mistreatment that have been attributed to this group have struck fear in many people. The Council on American-Islamic Relations has been accused of being a terrorist group. The Lancaster mayor’s term of office ends in April 2010. Most people in that town are Christian. It’s obvious the mayor is playing on public fear.
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Jan 31, 2010