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Richard Cocca
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I would think a DIGITAL Watermark hologram. It could have the authors picture, his favorite pen, or stylus ! .or in the future his socail connections to buy more product on Facebook, and Twitter and FourSquare where the next ebook meet up is going on ! THen Tweets from the nearaest trstuarant coffeeshop , and after party club! Rich Cocca
My theory is that it starts off like a cars carburetor Venturi airflow system. Venturis principal increases the airflow to mix with the gasoline at a faster rate to burn better for more power. In a flow state you are drawn into the venturi flow .. like a black hole.. You start off your art project, painting, game playing , creating music ploddingly, and get drawn into the mix. The Flow state increases to its maximum state of time compression , time speeds by till, usually abruptly it's a phone ringing, doorbell ,etc . When I was playing my guitar , I almost had a heart attack when my spouse walked in unexpectedly to my session . I was just wailing away., learning a new song . To be in a game that great, does its have to be a younger persons DNA.?? . I think if we figure out that childhood Venturi flow , we can still enjoy a game experience as can an active adult .. I'm curious , is Venturis principle based on pi?.3.14 Richie Cocca
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May 9, 2012