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More than anything this sounds like you were given a free meal in a fantastic setting. If you were not eating from the current menu, which by the way Trabocchi has indeed had his hands on - as well he should now three full month since taking his post as Chef, than what is the purpose of this post? Further, The Four Seasons has always been about one thing and one thing only - offering the most personal and gracious hospitality experience to the most discerning clientele on the planet - global warming or not. It is a restaurant with a soul of it's own, not a new place seeking an image or identity. If Mr. Trabocchi intends to bring a revolutionary climate to a restaurant and is seeking a great stage to promote himself, it should be at a restaurant that he owns himself. The Four Seasons has thrived as New York's arbiter of taste for the last 50 years. The duck, and crab cakes and sole and the rest of the seasonally driven menu are timeless and revolutionary as is the room, the service, the attention to detail and the unwavering commitment to the customers and the culture that is The Four Seasons. While I truly hope your meal was delicious and your experience unparalleled in every way, I must recommend the following idea. Rather than a radical climate change, Trabocchi is single rain occurring in an eternity of systems. Let's hope his rain is calming, restorative, enlivening and not catastrophic. So looking forward to your next post.
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Dec 30, 2009