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Had the same conversations over and over again, we're not getting anything from the website? our question what in your business plan and marketing strategy... The client we don't have one. So you have no idea where you want to take the business or how to marketing it with no goals... Like you say you need to put the full in the car to make it work. We're now asking customers ok you got a budget for designing a nice sparkly website but what about the marketing. 99% not even a consideration particularly in retail. I think the main issue is every one is trying to get something for Free, they don't see extracting information from someone who has experience as a service. We've even had people wanting e-commerce solutions but didn't want to display pricing. Also there is tonnes of people out there networking claiming to be experts and giving people the wrong advise. i.e employ more staff, get plenty of product, sell volume. Also many SME's don't think about shopping around for delivery or packaging to reduce there costs. We may use this blog as a reference if you don't mind in the future ;o) I could go on for hours ;o) Very good post...
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Mar 26, 2015
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Mar 26, 2015