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Yokohama, Japan
Try what's new, make technology work for you. My professional passion is making work easier, more interesting, and more rewarding.
Interests: technology, collaboration, 2.0, two-way, recumbent cycling, improve, audio systems, make ears smile.
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More than a year has passed, and we have not been missing the HEMS. The monthly bills and paybacks tell us enough. Now looking for a battery with a price performance point like Tesla's Powerwall. We asked, they are not sold yet in Japan.
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Just realized we are currently not paying the monthly fee of (YGP pays for the first 4 years as they get the data) for the Toshiba feminity network, basically a server programmed to prepare the data sheets and diagrams. Solar inverters elsewhere simply upload to an internet server, often provided for free by the solar system maker. If I remember right, it was around 1000¥ per month, what a rip-off, it is almost as much as the basic fee for the electricity connection.
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Real-life lessons from three years with a HEMS (Home Energy Measurement System). In our experience, it has potential for peak savings, but overall savings are negative. And then the gateway broke down. Continue reading
Posted Mar 23, 2014 at ... a beginner at something
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Mar 22, 2014
Reading: 13455kWh Three years ago, just before the great Tohoku Earthquake and disaster, we connected our solar inverter to the grid. It is still noisy, but for power the system does perform. If all years are as good as this third year, when we sold 2702 kWh and consumed the rest, we will reach payback break-even after 11 years, not in 13 years as we initially expected, based on the installer's forecast of harvesting 3477 kWh a year. After that it is all profits for as long as the sun shines, the system works, and TEPCO buys the electricity. On 2014-02-28, our inverter showeds 13567 kWh harvested, of which roughly 1/3 is own consumption, for which we do not need to pay on average 28 ¥/kWh, daytime rate with "8-Hour Night Service" 2/3 feed into the grid, most near peak... Continue reading
Posted Mar 2, 2014 at ... a beginner at something
One of my paid hobbies has been innovation for the company, as in making new technology work for us to help us complete our jobs for clients, easier, faster, or more reliable. More than a year ago, one of my responsibilities shifted from process innovation to business development. Loving it. In my free time, I took basic courses in project management, both waterfall and agile, read business books like Tribal Leadership and The Culture Game, all good and valuable, but none of these prompted me to post. The framework for directed innovation does. It is old enough to be proven in business and criticized in public, yet new enough (to me, anyway) to get excited about innovation insights. (You too, maybe?) Let's begin with quoting from one of many insightful articles from the company Strategyn, whose logo I borrowed for... Continue reading
Posted Mar 1, 2014 at ... a beginner at something
How to economize at home while keeping comfort levels up. Principles for practical choices from a presentation given in 2013 at United Nations University. Continue reading
Posted Jan 12, 2014 at ... a beginner at something
Yes. It may take years to appreciate what really transpired at beginnings. Being younger and single, I took a leap of faith and joined a 30 people small daughter company of a German enterprise in Asia. I shifted my personal vision to include "a world free of accidents caused by technology". 20 years later we were 3000 people working in multiple siblings in Asia. On the way I had met my wife-to-be at Tokyo PC User Group. Looking so forward to seeing your story grow.
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2013 on I was there in the Beginning... at heathervescent
Yes, good points. We are on the way to social self-organization. Back to the tools that last worked well for us. Blogs over likes. And then some new connectivity like Doc Searls VRM. .
Thank you very much for the content, context, and the foresightful film. One of the things travelers dread, the currency conversion, may blend seamlessly into the background, once the transaction costs fall through the floor. Looking forward to more innotribal insights.
Today's takeaway: tagging tried and tested tools for project management, like paper and mindmapping for quick concepts, traditional project planners for the heavy lifting and a convenient one-page overview tool. As few of the tolls speak to each other, some data rework happens, but it acts as refinement of the project statements. Continue reading
Posted Apr 4, 2013 at ... a beginner at something
Examining how I could accelerate innovation in the company, I saw the need to learn about professional project management. This is a story in two parts: 1. how, where and what I studied recently, and 2. what tools I picked up along the way work for me. Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2013 at ... a beginner at something
Like your showing us visitors from Japan how Invisalign works, though we would not be your customers. Made a big difference for our son. Thank you. Glad I came here from facebook.
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2013 on There is no "Get." at Bite Point
Intercontinental dust drift approaching from North in Yokohama 2013-03-10 around 14:00. We closed all windows shut and stopped the 24h venti... Continue reading
Posted Mar 10, 2013 at ... a beginner at something
We are deconstructing more than a managerial illusion of control. ... At the edge we see better ways to work together, have access to more experience, make better buying decisions within the constraints of time, money, information, and moderated by the vast repertoire of emotional appeal. Example: buyer's remorse about new air conditioners. Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2013 at ... a beginner at something
Artists inform scientists what might be worth trying. Engineers build what might be worth buying. Marketers find people, offer win-win for mutual profit. Industrialists make it affordable and cheaper - this might not work much longer. Financiers take risks and take rewards, cyclically bubbling. Teachers help future artists, scientists, engineers, marketers, industrialists, and more find their vision and calling. This might work. Others create safe spaces for stillness and peace, to find personal truth. This might be worth trying. I will be glad if I can help you get better energy technology to succeed, in the ultimate vision non-polluting yet safe and easy to use, easy to get used to, and easy on the planet at end-of-use. Likely decentralized for added resilience. What might we co-create if we connect? Image credit: retrieved 2013-01-02 Related articles Industrialists vs. the rest... Continue reading
Posted Jan 5, 2013 at ... a beginner at something
If no one flies the drones because they follow a programmed trajectory, and keep along routes to their destinations that are surveyed for relative safety in case of crash, why would FAA's "line of sight" rules apply at all? Do we see drones more as model aircraft, or more as carrier-pigeons? Pigeons come with their own line of sight. Our carrier drones need built-in obstacle avoidance. Type-tested and FAA certified for being airworthy, maybe... adds to cost, could be required in case nasty accidents happen.
Toggle Commented Jan 5, 2013 on DRONENET How to build it at Global Guerrillas
Thank you, very interesting research. Wondering what would be the return to society on reducing other heavy metals like mercury and arsenic.
Toggle Commented Jan 5, 2013 on Violence Due to Lead? at Solvation
When I was 16, I was ignorant, like most at that age (nothing new to see here, move on, go to work). Almost 40 years later, I am still ignorant, that amount of accumulated knowledge and experience not making a visible drop in the ocean of what might be knowable. Here is one drop that stood out for me. Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2013 at ... a beginner at something
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Jan 2, 2013
Grateful for our forbears' lives we enjoy building on foundations they laid and clean up messes they had to leave behind. And the next generation will build the next level and do it for us. Continue reading
Posted Jan 2, 2013 at ... a beginner at something
Thank you, Anne. Yes, I was forward looking, and thinking how can I make such a life-changing decision without much data after just two months? I was aware I was making an emotional decision. This might not work. No one would believe me. I even waited for two more month before I told the company leaders. They were happy to have me and helped me get settled. Enjoy Matthew E. May's books. He blogs subtractingly at edit innovation.
Toggle Commented Jan 1, 2013 on WHAT ISN’T THERE at ... a beginner at something
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Here we are, in the new year, and some of us choose to make resoutions. Fine if you like to, but for many it is better not to, writes Chuck Blakeman. Instead of resolutely setting goals, I went to follow a faint calling to examine and re-discover what am I still longing for, silently, at the turn of the year. Continue reading
Posted Jan 1, 2013 at ... a beginner at something
Thank you. I am outta there already. Embracing flickr more.
Got a reply: "We will have digital version early in the new year and will post the link on Green Mondays as well as 5ive-Planets. We really appreciate your kind support!"
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