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It looks like they've finally actually removed the quote for real. Not sure when they actually made this change, but I can't find it in the PDF anymore using the search function. I suppose that's some good news, at least... Still, it honestly surprises me that they would've even done it the way they did originally at all. That shows both a massive failure to understand search engine optimization and a massive failure to understand web accessibility-- the quote was just as visible to a screen-reader user or a user with high-contrast settings as it was to Google. (And I still do wonder just how long they took to actually fix the PDF...)
I posted today to try to debunk some classic autism myths... in a sequel to a post (also linked within) that I did on DKos back in April.
I've been thinking about the driving thing myself lately. It amazes me how many people seem to think driving a car is just something that's... automatic for people, that it's a given that anyone they talk to is able to drive. I can associate with pretty much every bit you wrote about your experiences with driving, and I've basically decided it is just not safe for me to be driving a car based on my experiences when I tried learning years ago.
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The "Senator Dodd's Mistake" link is broken, just for the record.
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2009 on Just say NO to PBS/ABA at The Standard Review
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