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Businesses need to move away from being shareholder-centric to consumer-centric, just like marketing has moved away from shotgun advertisement (look at what i'm selling) toward engaging and opt-in (I care about what you're interests are and I want to listen). This story is a great example of the evolution of a seller. The 'closer' personifies what was expected fifteen years ago (think Boiler Room's Ben Affleck or Vin Diesel). I'm sure the character in your story would do wonderfully as a car salesperson because it's ALL ABOUT HIM (the seller). The seller isn't the problem IMO. The way he's compensated and the metrics (or lack of them) used to determine success may not be the problem either. The problem starts with leaderships vision and mission and is escalated by poor hiring practices. Hire a manager that cares about the brand, credibility and financial success of the store and she'll hire people that empower her vision of success. Managers that care about immediate, short-term success and could care less about customer/employee churn, you end up with employees that embody those same characteristics.
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Dec 1, 2010