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The natural direction I see from here is establishing the right to enter into a natural marriage, which is to restore a kind of marriage where it is not so easy to get divorced. Maybe it should be called marriage reform, but it would distinguish itself from the watered down meaning of marriage now, which seems to be to secure purported rights and make social statements.
John Moore, effectively more than two sexes, to what purpose? As for providing a child a stable home among her biological parents as a rule, as a group, and by nature, this is what marriage does. The only sexes that matter there are male and female. James Bradshaw, I hope you understand that most natural marriage proponents want gay couples to live and be well, without being ostracized. Many states already have civil unions for government benefits. A piece of paper from the county clerk should not confer happiness or dignity to people; only God can do that. But sometimes, a piece of paper can help reinforce the union of two biological parents of a child. As a rule, as a group, and by nature, that is what man-woman marriage has been throughout history. It just is that.
To me this is a no-brainer. In Tactics, Greg Koukl asks for a clarification on equal rights: "I have a right to half your income." Says who? Where do rights come from? Being clear on the nature of rights is important to civilization and to salvation. We don't have intrinsic positive rights to anything from government; why think marriage is one of those things? Rights can only be justified in virtue of a theoretic framework. And there is no good framework that justifies why new types of partnerships need rights to something no one was talking bout twenty years ago. To indulge the idea that rights will and should expand limitlessly will lead to civilizational collapse, and more significantly, the dangerous delusion that the cosmos, or God, owes us things we're not entitled to.
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Apr 9, 2014