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Joshua Cogliati
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Why should software patents last for 20 years? I can see some justification for software patents. However, what I have never seen is why they should last as long as patents on say, drugs. To make a new device or chemical can require years of testing in the laboratory. With software, I typically design, write and test each idea in the space of a week or a few months. As well, if the patent lasts significantly longer than it would take a second inventor to discover the idea and publish it, then the patent is becoming harmful to society rather than helpful. In short, because it is easier to invent software than physical inventions and because most software patents would be discovered soon anyway, I believe that software patents should be much shorter in term than physical patents. I want to know why someone thinks that a computer invention from 1990 should still have a monopoly. If there is a case for software patents, it would be for a much shorter term, like maybe 3 years.
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Dec 1, 2009