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Alan Cohen
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Steve: I agree 100 percent! Best investment I have made in my career and business!
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2012 on Priceless at RepMan
It would be an honor to serve.
"I'm the first one to enjoy periodically sticking my snout of the sunroof of our car, breeze on my snout, wind in my hair, and all of that. However, if Alan and Barry ever put me in a crate on the roof, I would be pretty ticked, and things would get messy! I am a member of the family. I deserve to sit at the table, er, seat - front seat, at that! Count me in for the March. The public needs to know what they are dealing with! And while I have your attention, I am none to pleased awith Romney's stance on gay marriage -- at least my gay (married) parents wouldn't put me on the roof of a car! Bueller Cohen Rosenthal (As dictated to Alan Cohen) 5 year old, Wheaten Terrier, NYC
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Feb 17, 2012