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TUJ: "The paleocons love to whine about the loss of WASP power and how if only the WASPs were in control America would be conservative and immigration restricionist. The problem is it isn't clear that Northern WASPs ever lost much influence." That is complete nonsense. I've read the main paleocon and paleolibertarian magazines (Chronicles, Rothbard-Rockwell Report, etc) since the early 90s. Anyone with any knowledge of paleos knows they, for the most part, are a mixture of Southerners and Northern Catholics. Knocking North Eastern 'Yankees' has been as common in paleo circles as knocking the Israel Lobby.
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2009 on Comments on Jews and liberalism at Half Sigma
I used to watch The Score for about 3 hrs per week when they had their Sports World program each week day and the Friday night NFL preview show with Ron Meyer. After those shows I'd some times just leave it on. Other than 5 minutes here and there of The Footy Show I don't think I've watched anything on the channel for well over a year.
If that TFC match only got 51,000 viewers in all of Canada then the viewing figures for outside the GTA must have been astonishingly low. Chris, do you get a regional breakdown of the ratings?