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Jeff Cokenour
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As a card-carrying member of the illuminati (formerly known as the federal government) I can assure you that sequestration is a terrible idea. Forcing federal agencies to actually cut budgets runs counter to our historical practice of increasing them just a weensy bit and congratulating ourselves on the enormous sacrifice we have made. If we don't have your money, how will we continue to support hemp farmers in Thailand and prepare rocket ships to crash into possibly-approaching asteroids? If you don't stop sequestration, then don't blame me next time an asteroid barely misses your city.
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2013 on ONE MAN'S OPINION at Dave Barry's Blog
I bought one for my wife and she's almost run me over twice - you can't hear it! If they were driven below 20 mph, you can't really blame them for the loss - who can keep track of a car they can't hear?
Dear heathens, this is obviously the fixins for a giant Texas shrimp boil from God.
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Apr 27, 2012