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One of my all-time favorites. The part that's started to catch my eye over ensconced images like Winters' floating corpse and the "Chilllllldrennnnn" bit is the initial chase that leads the children to the river as Mitchum just loses his mind. Going from the Frankenstein monster in the cellar to the howling werewolf on the river bank is hysterical. And is it just me or does Mitchum, hair flattened by the water and face contorted in petulant, impotent rage (especially in relation to children slipping through his fingers) make him look in a certain light like Peter Lorre in M? I'm amazed at how un-Mitchum he always looks in that shot as he devolves into screams.
Toggle Commented Dec 25, 2010 on A-quiverin' with Christmas ... at Sunset Gun
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Dec 24, 2010