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Roxanne Brown
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Lorena, you said it. When I was 30 I was in a much better position to bounce back than I am now. #6 is especially difficult when you've been unemployed for a long time, your UI benefits have run out, you've been evicted and are homeless (couch riding in several towns = homeless, believe me). Add to that the double whammy of being over 50 and without a degree. In some of our cases gloom and doom isn't pessimism, it's REALISM. I'm truly at a loss for what more I'm supposed to do to get hired. I'm asking for FAR less than my usual salary and willing to relocate, even out of state, and in 8 months I've gotten interviews with three companies. For one, I had 1 hour video interviews with FIVE people. I got strung along over the Winter Holidays and no one ever even told me I didn't get the job. I had to ASK the recruiter to find out the position had been filled. "Discouraging" is an understatement.
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Florida's being overrun by delusional nutjobs!
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Dec 18, 2009