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Hey Ken, How are you finding actors for the reading series? Also, is there a Typepad plugin that will allow subscribing to comment threads on your blog?
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I think you're on the right track with the name issue. Off-Broadway implies "not-Broadway". Independent Film sounds strong--and *choosing* to be different. Broadway was named after the street/district where most of those kinds of productions took place, so while it isn't arbitrary, it doesn't really describe the experience. Off-Broadway doesn't either--except to describe "not-Broadway". The sheer number of websites, companies, products, etc associated with "Off-Broadway" makes changing the name unrealistic... so changing the image is essential. And that starts with youth! Off-Broadway needs to be PROUD that it isn't Broadway--and celebrate that THANK GOD it ISN'T. It will then appeal to the audience of people who don't like or want to see Broadway shows (thereby making it "cool") and will then begin to attract the Broadway crowd (who generally speaking are people who are crowd followers, not leaders). SO... how does Off-Broadway do this? It can start by celebrating the very limitations that create the difference, rather than bemoaning them. :)
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Mar 4, 2010