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Dallas, TX
Interests: skydiving, SCUBA diving, flying, snowboarding, you know all the expensive activities for a poor person
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That little Roku box is a marvel of simplicity and quality. It is everything that Apple tries to do, but frequently fails. And no, I haven't used a Mac in a long time, but I regularly use Apple software and hardware on my Windows and Linux computers, and I am almost always disappointed at Apple's sloppy non-native coding, and their freakish obsession with control.
I don't buy movies now, and I won't buy them if Warner releases movies 30, 180, or 360 days later. I'll watch them when they are available, or I will ignore them completely. Warner should be careful trying to extract more money from Netflix. If all the big movie houses do this, Netflix will be forced to substantially increase their fees. And if they have to do that, I will cancel Netflix, not out of any spite of Netflix, but out of spite of the movie companies.
I don't care whether it takes a small plugin install or not to watch instant streaming. And I think the chances of DRM being baked into HTML standard in the forseeable future are nill. So I don't think this will happen anytime in the near or medium term, as the blurb seems to imply. But what I DO WANT is streaming in Linux. If Netflix is committed to Silverlight for the known future, they need to get a Moonlight player working in Linux.
@PLB "The Linux whining is annoying. People run Linux for ideological reasons." You are inaccurate. I run Linux because Microsoft is an abusive company, that writes mediocre software, and charges too much for it. Apple is also an abusive company that writes mostly nice software but is overpriced. The home desktop market is an oligopoly I'd rather not participate in. Linux works good enough for most purposes, while being more secure, marginally faster and more robust. If the Roku box didn't exist, Instant Play would have no value to me. Since I have a Roku box, I'm mostly ambivalent about what Netflix does with Instant Play on the desktop. I tend to support companies that support Linux and actively avoid companies that don't. That's my prerogative. I made a good choice for my computing needs.
"and I've noticed a trend when it comes to Netflix price gouging." Price gouging? I don't think you know what that term means. Reed seems a little caught up on himself, but I do love Netflix. And I would be willing to pay maybe 10% more for them to remain a healthy business, and continue improving their service. By the same token I don't want Blockbuster By Mail going away because a single supplier market is rarely good for consumers. "Netflix has proven time and again that as soon as they no longer have any real competition, they automatically jack subscription rates up" Really? How? BBM has been their only real competition, and BBM hasn't gone away yet.
Matt is Leet!
An Inconvenient Truth - 183 days 5 other titles over 100 days. $3.65 per movie, 86% of feedflixsters pay less than me.
"How do Hulu and Youtube do it?" They both transport video as Flash and appear to use Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) for CC. This SAMI issue truly is a self imposed problem created by Netflix's decision to use a half-baked Microsoft technology. I initially accepted at face value Netflix's contention they had to use Silverlight (and whatever their previous Microsoft only technology was) due to studio licensing restrictions. Now that I think about it, the fact Hulu has to negotiate with the same studios and was able to use a more user sympathetic technology suggests Netflix simply took the path of least resistance for them in choosing Silverlight. This whole problem of unprepared CC technology could have been avoided.