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Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
Refugee from the North.
Interests: I am a gay man who wanted to get off the North American treadmill and went to Costa Rica and built a small hotel on the beach.
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Mar 15, 2010
I agree with you Scott. For the most part, I am okay and just let it all go and go with the flow. But then all my pent up frustration builds up and sometimes someone gets it. I went to pay my property taxes the other day. And even though I had a copy of last years, the guy went through this 45 minute process telling me there was all these problems and then when I finally gave up and was going to leave, he pulled a number out of the air and said to pay at the cash. The number was slightly higher than last year and it was done. But I was exhausted. I went home and sat on our deck and looked out at the ocean and all was okay.
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