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Colin Summers
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The last school auction I went to I was battling a migraine and was on Vicodin. I spent $1,800 including $400 for $600 worth of hot chocolate and pastries at my favorite bakery. And cello lessons. And, man, just about everything. But I am not allowed to go to those anymore. It was a silent auction. At one point I was copying a bidding number from one item to another and a parent said, "Is that your number? Can't you remember it?" and I said, "It's not my number, but this seems like a harmless prank and it helps the school, who can complain?" I have not, however, ever left the school auction with a puppy I didn't plan to buy. Claire?
Your eldest came home for the surgery? See, you did something right. When my mother told her college friend that all three children showed up for lumpectomy, her friend said, "The little shits pay off in the end, don't they?"
I think you're making a big mistake here. I've thought about it some. Looked at the options. I hope you HAD options. It's the chocolate rugelech you want, not the cinnamon. I feel disaster can be averted next time.
What are the rules for where you can land? Anywhere there's enough water?
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Mar 20, 2010