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This is a great list. It would be even better if you could re-order the list starting with "Measure the Impact" We are guilty at of telling mostly about the first 7 points, even though we focus on all aspects of collaboration. The actual execution and actual quantitative ways to see if more effective collaboration actually changes the business results.
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This is another great 8 list. We would argue that point 2, Control is a little strong and not to the same power as the rest. To achieve real collaboration, a little bit of control needs to be let go of. Creativity is often about losing control of the standard in order to experience or find the new. We keep track of all collaboration ideas, ones that add business value and ones that add control and lack of control - all in the aim of achieving better collaboration:
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Evan, thanks for sharing this update. Wouldn't it be great if there was one central place to share collaboration experiences, successes, failures... We are collecting 2 types of collaboration success stories. The first is Experiences- objectives, agendas, feedback and more. We are publishing one per week from our archives. The other, and probably more important is peoples current collaboration experiences- software used, process or methodology used, OCM involvement etc. etc. You can check out the form executives from companies around the world are filling ing. Results will start to be published soon. The Mayo clinic examples is one of the best I have seen. Our readers would love to see even more details of best practices and more.
It will be very interesting to see if this takes off. With so many offerings well entrenched in the corporate space, from Adobe, Cisco etc. it will be a hard battle for Vivu to fight. Is there a compelling reason to switch to vivu - with the exception of the large userbase of skype users? We keep track of all this software on our site and always pick the best in each category- we haven't chosen vivu yet, but hopefully soon!
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2010 on ViVu Hooks Up With Skype at The Webinar Blog
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PowerPoint is never good. If it needs to be used, there should be at most 7 slides. None of them with more than 100 words on it. No one is going to listen to any more, so why put it? We talk a lot about PowerPoint because it is so pervasive. Sending snail mail used to be commonplace. Use It rocks!
This is a fascinating concept, but without individual incentives, I find it hard to believe that it could work. What can people do to incentivize' employees?
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We wrote an article that focused on crowdsourcing collaboration ( and how the British Government is trying to solve their issues this was, as well as companies like City Sourced (even with an iphone app) We need scale and awareness of these and their outputs for them to actually work thought!!!
Danny, thanks for your post about our site: Collaboration King (Twitter restricts username lengths, so we are CollaborateKing there!) Yes, the list is subjective. It is based solely on our network of ~300 collaboration experts delivering projects, conferences, meetings, strategy sessions etc. around the world. We are simply reporting our findings in an attempt to help improve the level of interactivity both online and offline. For clarification, Isaac is the artist that did the design of the site. There are a core of 12 of us supporting the content and refining what we have produced for the last 20 years- like the Collaboration Experiences: In saying this, we would happily make changes to the list based on enough of our readers experiences- and thanks - John Kane for mentioning the new Gartner quadrants- the site will be updated soon. Looking forward to more of your posts on site.
This is the perfect example (perhaps not perfectly implemented based on your review) of integrating online and offline collaboration. Engaging our 5 senses in the virtual world is a fascinating concept that will probably only get more common in the future. Since integrating smell on and offline has a long ways to go, we are always trying to find out more ways to improve virtual collaboration with business tool and business collaboration in everyone's typical office environment. We use to share our experiences on how to improve, integrate and collaborate better. For example, with the 'smell' example you give in this article, we would recommend other integrations so that it was truly the full experience. Chances are you (the author) still sat at your desk or a conference table and did the test. What if you changed your environment, integrated an exercise with your colleagues to help learn how you could integrate these 'new' technologies with the rest of your team?
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2010 on What Is A Scented Webinar Like? at The Webinar Blog
1 reply 1 to 1.5 years ago was a little disappointing. Perhaps a glorified file storage service. What has really impressed me is their consistent and continual improvement. Not just making their service, better, faster and easier, but incredible improvements through integration with partners (JotNot to name but one) We keep track of the best collaboration software on our site for every one to access- and how to use it in business collaboration. We is the epitome of collaboration. They work internally like their software shares externally. They are the only online collaboration tool that has instant and superior customer service. Go ahead, just call them and ask for something. @BOXDOTNET
Great post. I find it difficult to look at webcasts in exclusion of other collaborative software. I think that in creating webcasts (or successful ones at leat) you need to be an integral part of the community you are speaking about- so you need to have expertise on several system. We keep track of them-by category- like webcasts at:
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I propose he change his title to CI&CO. Since technology is becoming so much more collaborative, it is time for the CIO's to become more collaborative. Publish their preferences. A Blog like the Capgemini CIO Blog is a good start, but really- share and give away their vast knowledge. In our small company, our CIO gives away all of his knowledge in his Collaborative Software list:
How about the fact that we sit in meetings/conference and feign interest. We could have awesome off-line interactions, but instead we discuss real things online and small talk or chat about the weather in person!
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