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Colleen Rhoads
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Oh I bet it's beautiful! I would love a copy!
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I am so happy you shared tis Michelle, as the Dragonfly is one of my all time favs. You must have done the Gerber Daisy too, :). And I still have the 3 original sheets of yours I bought at Artiology in 2002. {{{XO}}}
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2012 on for the record at michelle ward
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Jenn I can not express how VERY HAPPY I am for you and Mr Harley! Here's to good Karma! You put it out there and it has come back to you! {{{{{XO}}}}}
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How wonderful for us that you would give us this gift! I have the book ( all your books) Off to collect paint inspiration brochures!
I would love to win this class. I really hoped to take it in a live class, but family stuff keeps me from making that decision, but not giving up, :) very inspired!
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Lovely! Thanks for sharing, a workshop I wish I had taken.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2010 on Home Again at Red Tape