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My husband and I talk about this too! Riding motorcycles for miles until they broke down & we had to push them. Riding horses all over Tarnation and getting lost. One time my horse ran out of control on the highway, heading the wrong direction, with me still on her. Other times, I was thrown from horses. Hanging out at remote construction sites bugging the contractors, or messing with their equipment when they were gone. Harnessing our dogs to our wagons and then they'd panic and run full steam, dumping us out eventually. Inner tubing down rivers with no adults or life jackets. Hitch hiking. Getting bitten by dogs. Wandering, unsupervised, for 12 hour spans during long summer days. Shooting each other with BB guns. Blowing up neighbors mailboxes. Modifying fireworks to make the explosions more exciting. Hiking alone with my dog on trails, my parents realizing later I was being stalked by a large predator. Oh, those were cherished, idyllic times.... is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 19, 2012