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We cut the cable cord 5 or 6 years ago. Every football season I toy with the idea of subscribing to cable for the games but end up not doing it. As long as my NFL team stays on CBS I don't think I'll ever get cable again. Roku is on almost exclusively at our house. No commercials for something you already pay for, what a novel idea.
I'd be VERY disappointed if this was available on Wii HD only. I would get some other consumer hardware (like a Blu-ray with Netflix streaming) before I bought a Wii HD. It's not that I'm necessarily against Wii HD but I wouldn't reap the benefits since we don't have any HD TVs in our house. We just bought a couple of converters and put them on our existing TVs. What would be the point in getting an HD Wii other than for Netflix streaming.
I would hope if someone were looking into buying it, it would be someone without a vested interest in a particular operating system/hardware/etc. In the case of Microsoft, forget ever getting Netflix streaming on a Wii or PS3. Forget support for Mac or Linux. It would be straight up MS. Which from a business standpoint who could blame them? No I think the long term feasibility of streaming is best served in the hands of someone that doesn't have something to gain by promoting one avenue of delivery over another.
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2009 on Netflix Takeover Rumors Again at Hacking NetFlix
I wonder if this replaces the existing one in Columbus near the main post office or augments that one. It's only about 8 miles as the crow flies from the main post office to Grove City. My bet is on replacement.