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Lynn Hershberger
Michigan, USA
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So sad. You honor her well with your words and images. I wish I didn't know about loss and grief. What I do know is: the feelings come and go as waves, and we're not in charge of when, how big, and how long. I had a big deal day 23 years after my father died. The world does not always understand. Be kind to yourself, share (as you did beautifully here) with safe people who do understand. And when you have a glimpse of joy in the midst of grief waves, do not feel that the joy betrays the person you lost. Allow all feelings in the same day. Hugs to you and yours. The way will be a little crooked back to a new sort of normal. Somehow you will adjust, but you will never stop loving or missing her. Lynn
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One can not choose one's obsessions. They appear, and we must ride them like a wild horse... wherever they take us. I had a friend who collected slide rules. Love.
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Adorable huge fuzzballs, yes? I have no fondness for dirt roads or animal smells, but I love gentle beings. I also love your photos and your stories. The yarns sound luscious. Silver is a gorgeous color with which to knit. I'll be interested to see what the dyed colors look like, as well. I'm guessing teal and eggplant might be possible. Crossing fingers.
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I'm frustrated with Typepad, it lost my post while it made me wrangle with a login. Not the first time, either... The long, thoughtful note I posted said "me, too" but with detail. I find stuff easier to let go of now than ever before, having worked on it in depth for the last two springtimes. Time, though... that is my last frontier. Passionate people die with a to-do list, I remind myself.
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This is SO exciting!!! I'm so happy for you. Yes, the photo of those sheep is entrancing. They are beautiful just being themselves. Love. Keep up that energy. Can't wait to be in on the release celebration when it happens.
Toggle Commented Feb 6, 2011 on Proofreading, continued at The Independent Stitch
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Awwww. She's sweet from the photos. Congrats to the whole family.
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Jan 15, 2010