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I also discussed the point about buses in sprawling areas regarding Columbus' bus system. Outside of the urban core you have buses servicing the several miles of sprawl which surrounds it. It seems like an afterthought because it is. When you have a pole with the bus route number just off of a grassy, muddy ditch on the side of the road (no sidewalks)and the buses come one time about every hour (don't miss it whatever you do), why even bother? Just do away with those hourly stops and keep the park & ride rush-hour service. I just never understood that, especially since to even get around those areas you can't take the bus unless it's on the way Downtown. Not sure how common it is, but the other thing that gets me are how many stops are within a block of each other on the same side of the street here. It's a total waste of money and hinders efficiency. I just don't know how that even happens.
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Dec 28, 2009