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"The Eve of Destruction" was penned by one Phil Bleich, under the pseudonym P.F. Sloan. He also wrote Johnny Rivers' "Secret Agent Man", and the Cowsills' "Gotta Get to Know You". It was Phil who suggested to John Philips that he trash the 3 chords of Phillips' original bright "California Dreamin", and recast it in darker colors "As sort of a walk don't run copy" Good Notion, that. Dunhill records (where he worked) coveted Bliech's songsmithing, and so sabotaged several attempts by him to become an artist. So he influenced your 1965-1968 reality, but was sabotaged from joining it, by a hardass record company. Bitch. I definitely sympathize. As it is, he is now about 65, in recovery from substance abuse and mental illness, and watching the Dylans of this world safely from the sidelines--- where we all ought to be. [email protected]