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Colleen Wainwright
Los Angeles, CA
Wherever I go, there I am.
Interests: Reading, writing, eating, talking, hanging out, and writing.
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Brad was one of the all-time, all-around great humans. Thank you for a beautiful reminder, Tim.
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2014 on Brad Morgan. at Cubby-Blue
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Mario - Well, of *course* you already knew Valeria. There you go, being 10 steps ahead of me again. Jon - Thank you so much for your ongoing support! I'm glad you're still digging on it.
"Take my iron, I've had that for 15 years (wow, do they make things that last that long?)." Only if you don't use them. :-) With rare exceptions for exceptional products that fill a particular need, I've been paring back as well. I mostly stick to consumables for gift-giving, where I even give gifts: a flat of cupcakes, incense, wine, soap. Stuff that will get used up, in a nice way. It's less that stuff is awful than that too much of it--or wrong relationship with it--numbs and obfuscates. Moderation: it's bitchin'!
Gah! Gotta remember to sign outta that stupid admin account before I post to these here TypePad blogs. Happy bday, Susie. You're an inspiration a couple years down the road, keeping things well-lit and interesting.
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Another Pam Slim connection! I guess it figures, since I came here via Ramit's site. Loved the right-on, firm-but-kind truth of this piece, along with the telling of it. I imagine you're quite an engaging speaker; between the advice, the writing style and, if I may be so design-snobby/petty, the excellent cover design on your book, it's clear that you "get" it. It's funny you wrap up with the thrill of being onstage. There's a definite common thread that runs between public speaking and performing, and if you've got that itch, you've got to be up there in front of people, sharing and connecting, to scratch it. Oh--and Toastmasters is truly awesome for helping people with speaking skills. It can't turn everyone into an exceptional--or professional--speaker, but if you're naturally inclined, it's a terrific, low cost way to exercise that muscle.
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Such a lovely post. And I know that the Cubs, while a significant part of who you are, are still just that: a part. Yay! for Owl Eyes, and everything else you do. You are so awesome, I don't even mind that you are more popular than I am. Much.
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Damn! Damn damn damn! I wish I was there. You have no idea.
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Well, to be fair, we also spoke EVER so briefly about the havoc Chicago weather wreaks on one's hair, and at great length on the many, many projects my favorite shameless self-promoter has going right now. First person I've met in a while who makes me feel like a slacker!
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2008 on Meeting the Communicatrix at Talk It Up!
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Wait--how come you're not posting about your new iPhone? YOU'RE NOT REALLY A GEEK, ARE YOU!?! (Storms off in a huff...)
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2007 on Cubs vs. Brewers: The Set-Up at Cubby-Blue
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You know I don't know crap about sports, but me likey painting. A lot.
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2007 on Cubs Sweep the White Sox at Cubby-Blue
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