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Loughborough, UK
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Mar 15, 2010
Hi Laura, Well, whether you move to Sage 200 or stay with Sage 50 depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Your transactions shouldn’t cause a problem for either package, but you’re moving close to the comfortable limit in terms of users for Sage 50 – sometimes this causes problems (ie system slows down, records lock etc), but not always. Are you experiencing any performance problems with Sage 50? Although ACT! is pitched as a CRM solution, it’s really a contact management system. It’s easy to use and get up and running, and great for keeping track of communications etc, but it doesn’t have the true CRM functionality – by which i mean things like workflow customisation and configuration capabilities, or general ‘power’ of Sage 200 CRM. But again it depends what you want to do with it – Sage 50 ACT may suit you just fine – what are your objectives in terms of a CRM solution? Sage 200 uses the latest .net technology and sql database as you describe, which has advantages in performance, flexibility and makes it more ‘future proof’ in terms of development. The current database may pose a problem for Sage 50 in the future, and as far as I’m aware Sage don’t have any plans to change it. I agree with your technical support that it's best to keep everything on the one database (CRM & Finance) – it delivers significant benefits. In fact one of the biggest advantages of Sage 200 is the front office and back office integration. It’s also one of the key reasons the product was developed. Plus of course there are other functional and vertical specific add-on modules available should you need them. So, Sage 200 has higher levels of functionality and features than Sage 50, it’s more powerful, can handle more users and is currently more future proof. If Sage 50 performance is causing you problems, if it’s not doing what you want it to do or you wish it could do, and you need full the full features of Sage CRM as opposed to the standard ‘out of the box’ functions of ACT!, then Sage 200 is the way to go. But if you’re getting on fine with Sage 50 and just need to improve the way you manage contacts, Sage 50 + ACT! is probably OK for now. I hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions, Peter
Hi Hana, Thanks for the comment. We used to focus only on on-premise CRM, but find that hosted Microsoft CRM offers a wide range of advantages to some businesses, like the security, reliability and accessibility you mention. Since we started offering this option we've had an incredible amount of interest.