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You've given me some GREAT information with the Bridge program and the Visiting Physicians. I'm checking into both of them!! Can't thank you enough. If the situation was switched, you would want Mr. Rogers to keep you at home with him as long as possible. Technically, you only have each other and you are each other's EVERYTHING... Technically I'm all my Mom has..I just would never forgive myself if I had her in a nursing home...especially if it were just to make it "easier" on me. I think you've made the right decision..if he were demented, combative, etc... you know.... that would be different. You're getting tapped into all the right services.. you CAN do this... and when you're ready.. assisted living and SNF's aren't going anywhere!!!! Rich WILL come and help you whenever you need it...and if you need me to do anything, I'd be more than happy to and willing to!! Hang in there! Thanks for all your info!!! Nancy
You're have to do what YOU think is best...YOU are the one caring for with him and loving him. If you think he should be home with you...that is ALL that matters. Just make sure you have options for a break now and then. That is the biggest issue with caring for my mom is not having anyone to take over for a day or two. Mr. Rogers is a lucky man. Nancy
go to I like it...very thought provoking. Too thought provoking sometimes..but that's good!!!!!!!!!!! :)
It's Nancy again. I promise not to make a habit of commenting but as i read this and all that's going on with Mr. Rogers, I can't help but wonder if this is my future with his son? It doesn't matter, but at least I'll be prepared and maybe understand it better. I know the trials and the exhaustion that comes with caring for a loved one experiencing anxiety with paranoia. It isn't easy, it takes a special person to endure it, Mr. Rogers is lucky he has you there, and so are is children. One of them would have to be dealing with this issue head on if it weren't for you. Try to remember that you need time too..I think the support classes are great, but go out once in awhile with a friend for lunch or dinner. Rich is happy to come over anytime to stay with his Dad. If/when the time comes, I too would come anytime. Even for overnights. You need to take time for know that. I can feel your exhaustion through your words. Take care of you, too. I'd be happy to meet you for lunch or something anytime. My mom is coming home today. I'm a nervous I'm sure within a week or so, I'll need someone to co-miserate with!
Patty..I hope I'm not intruding. This is Nancy. I read this and I hear all the updates about Mr. Rogers from Rich and it breaks my heart to even think of what you must be feeling and going through. It's amazing how the nurse in us can kick things up a notch when we need to be nurses, and how our hearts know that this isn't "just a patient"..this is our everything. I'm praying that things turn around and improve very, very soon. If you need to vent..Rich has 2 ears and I do too!! When one pair gets tire we can switch off!! :)
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Sep 21, 2011